We hope you enjoyed exploring the year in searches yesterday as part of the annual Year-End Google Zeitgeist. Now that you've had a chance to see the video, explore the charts, and dive into what's on people's minds everywhere from Sydney to Omaha, you may be interested to learn about some updates to Google Trends that can extend the Zeitgeist experience year-round. As of yesterday, you'll see a number of updates to help you discover interesting tools and stories, find locally relevant information, and do it all on the go on your mobile phone.

A new homepage to help you discover.
In the past, when you landed on Google Trends, you'd see the most recent Hot Searches. But Trends can help you do much more than just see what's trending each day. With Top Charts, you can explore how different topics stack up against each other, from athletes, to song lyrics, to stocks. You can also search or click "Explore In-Depth" and look up detailed reports for any topic you want (including entities and topics). We've been amazed by the stories people come up with using Trends, and the new homepage is designed to help you dive in and make your own discoveries.

Top Charts in 72 countries, Hot Searches in 47.
If you're interested in trends outside the US, we hope you'll enjoy a more locally relevant experience with three updates. First, now you'll find annual Top Charts for 72 countries (was US-only before). There's plenty to dig into, with 1,000+ annual charts for 2013 and 2,000+ from previous year’s Zeitgeist lists. Second, if you want to see what's hot right now in Vietnam, or Colombia, or Italy -- now you can -- with Hot Searches in 47 countries (up from 14). Finally, you'll find support for right-to-left scripts (RTL) and six new languages (Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, Hebrew, Malay, and Malayam). To check out all the local Top Charts and Hot Searches, select a region in the upper left-hand corner of Google Trends.

A fast mobile experience.
Now when you land in Vietnam, not only can you check out what's hot locally with Top Charts and Hot Searches, you can finally do it on your mobile phone in an optimized experience. You'll find a much more efficient and touchable interface, enabling you to check out what's Trending, who's topping the charts, or even explore complex search data… all while you're on the go.

Posted by Nemo Tamir, Software Engineer